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Select a gift membership

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Keep in mind that gift membership is a one-time, non-renewing membership and you will only be billed for the cost of the membership you select above.
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What is a gift membership?
A gift membership is a non-renewing membership paid for by one person (the gift-giver) to be used by someone else (the recipient), which gives the recipient access to Acting Academy classes and services for a period of time.
Do gift memberships automatically renew?
No. If a recipient wants to continue his or her Acting Academy membership after the gift membership expires, he or she can sign up and pay for a regular, automatically-renewing subscription through our website.
Can a gift membership transferred from one person to another?
Only if it hasn’t yet been accessed by the original recipient. In that case, the gift-giver or recipient can transfer the gift membership and access code to someone else by contacting Member Services.
How will my recipient find out about the gift membership?
After you purchase a gift membership we will send you an order confirmation email. Attached to this email will be the details of how your recipient should create their Acting Academy membership including the appropriate activation links. You can forward this to your recipient at any time. 
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